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Here are some things about me as an artist:

I’m an Japanese Actor based in Toronto and Tokyo

My approach to the work is based around how to create as much fun as possible for everyone involved

Natively bilingual in Japanese and English

I was a scientist and a magician in my past life. Now I play with imagination as an actor. 

Recent Credits:
Mayday: Air Crash Investigations (2023), Don’t Hang Up (2022), Albatross (2023), Revelations (2023), Pachinko (2022). 


about me

Hidetaka Ishii is a Scientist-turned-Actor based both in Toronto (Canada), and Tokyo (Japan). 

He holds an M.Sc. in Cell Biology from McGill University (Montreal, Canada). Unable to contain his dream of becoming an actor, he enrolled in his first acting class in 2017. 

Actor Training includes RAW Actor Studio (Toronto) , Second City (Toronto), and a graduate of the Tom Todoroff Acting Conservatory (NYC, 2018-2020).  

In dedication to embracing his roots as a Japanese actor, he spent time in Tokyo learning Taté (Samurai sword fighting and etiquette), and various movement-based approaches to telling a story as an actor. 

Post-pandemic, after deeply appreciating the power of community, he works to galvanize and deepen connection amongst Japanese and Japanese Canadian artists across the country. 

As a third-culture artist, Hidetaka continues to sprint towards his goal of collaborating on projects that will serve to bridges cultures across the globe. 

Demo Reel 2023

Artist's Statement
~A living Document~

My work strives on the permission I give myself to embrace all the possibilities within myself. I operate on the assumption that acting is the truthful exchange of energies in service to telling a story. 

I am a Third Culture Artist that brings my lived experiences of growing up in Japan and in North America to the work I do. I’ve always found myself between two extremes, unable to side with one thing over the other. That changed. I now explore the embracement of extremes in my work. The feeling of despair, sadness, anger, balanced by compassion, joy, and hope. Embracing multiple cultures and worlds I’m a part of. To give myself permission in my work to be expansive more than I could ever imagine. No one is just “one thing”. We are a collection of “one things” that makes us an individual.

As an actor, my work is rooted in permission I give myself to embrace possibilities, and expanding the notion of imagination within myself. The curiosity and capacity to lend my whole being to inspiration is what I strive for. This is more human. My acting is a promise to humanity that I am here to embrace possiblities.

As a person of many interests, the story I tell is one of leadership, creating spaces for fellow artists can bravely collaborate to make something we all have ownership of. How something is done matters. It will continue to matter. My producing is a promise to artists that their voices are meaningful, and to audiences that art is worth their time.

Have an inspired day! 


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